106 Porter Street

Franklin, NC 28734

(828) 524-5555

[email protected]


Monday- Friday 10:00 to 5:00

Saturday 10:00 to 2:00



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DOTS is a wonderful, new toy store that has just opened in Franklin, NC.  Deliberately low-tech, you will find items such as beautifully illustrated puzzles, an inspiring array of art supplies, educational placemats, and sturdy, durable, backpacks, lunch boxes, and drink bottles that meet parents standards for quality and safety, yet are fun and inspiring for kids.  There are cute stamp sets, books, whimsical balls, and a great kitchen play set with an enticing assortment of play food to choose from. 


Stuffed animals?  You bet!, but these aren't just your run-of-the-mill ones.  These are the ones that kids really get attached to, the ones you find yourself coming back to buy another one for a gift, or, a replacement in case your little one loses the one that goes with them everywhere they go.

From those classic toys you remember having as a kid, to arts and craft activities and pretend play, you will find an assortment of great choices to encourage kids' imaginations and creativity at DOTS.

Do you know what DOTS stands for?......Dumptruck loads Of Totally Terrific Toys for Super-Duper kids!!!  DOTS got its inspiration from our sister store "My Favorite Things".  It has been in existence for 14 years and has always sold a small assortment of baby and kids items.  There seemed to always be something else that we just "had" to have, and you guessed it!....we ran out of room.  So, then came the idea for a stand-alone space for nothing but baby and kids. Ideas are great, but never come to fruition without effort. Many thanks to Karl, Logan, Sissy and Laura in the effort department for making the idea become a reality.


We would be thrilled for you to stop in and take a look around! New items are coming in for Spring and we are excited about them!



Visit our sister site: www.mftfranklin.com